Information concerning essay submission

The preferred means of submission is by email in a PDF format. Emails can be sent to s.winter(at)

Postal submissions can be sent to:

The Secretary of the New Zealand Society for Legal and Social Philosophy

C/O Dr. Stephen Winter, Department of Political Studies

University of Auckland Private Bag 92019

Auckland NZ 1142

Please ensure your submission includes your contact information.

To be eligible for the Prize, essays must be, or be derived from, work assessed as a component of a university course during the period beginning on 1 April two years prior to the closing date (‘the relevant period’) by a university in Auckland, as defined below, or be a research essay, dissertation or thesis that has been submitted as constituting full or partial compliance with the requirements for a bachelor or masters degree at a university in Auckland within the relevant period.

In order to provide evidence that their submission is eligible, applicants should have an academic staff member who is responsible for the eligible course or research project write a short note indicating that the essay conforms to the above requirement. That endorsement can consist in an email addressed to the President, Treasurer or Secretary. Postal endorsements should be submitted through the Secretary.

If the relevant staff member is not available to make this endorsement the applicant may provide some other evidence.

Submissions should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 300 words and be accompanied by the endorsement of an academic member of the staff of a university in Auckland, as specified below.

The maximum length of submissions is 10,500 words, including footnotes and bibliography.

Essays must be the original work of the submitting students.

(8) To avoid doubt a university in Auckland is defined to include only: (a) the University of Auckland, (b) the Auckland University of Technology, (c) Massey University (Albany Campus), and (d) any other institution or branch of an institution operating in Auckland that may in the future be accepted by the Committee of the Branch to be a university or a branch of a university.

The subject-matter of the essay must be judged by the Prize Committee to fall within the area of legal and social philosophy. The Committee reserves the right to exclude submissions it deems as not within the specific subject area.

Students can only submit one essay in any year.

Only one prize will be awarded in any year.

Essays must be the original work of the student who submits them.

The Branch may from time to time review the rules  and procedures relevant to the award of the prize

At any time, the Branch may withdraw its offer of a prize or revise the rules and procedures pertaining to the award.


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